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Here are some tips that will help you experience some success with your Web site:

Getting traffic (attracting visitors to your site):
There are many ways to build traffic. The best-known method is search engine submission. Google is currently the most-respected engine, and it takes time to get listed there. My most recent site--a site with great content--was finally listed in Google after an 8-month wait. Other search engines currently seem to list sites faster. They include Yahoo, Altavista and MSN.

Earning money:
Google's Adsense is a great way to place advertisements on your site. The ads compliment the content that you create for your site and they even have a filter setting that lets you block ads that might be offensive, or that compete against the content that you offer.

Writing content:
Plan on creating a couple of short, descriptive paragraphs for your home page. Rather than creating little captions for your images, plan on using the text to fully describe your images and the content of your site. For example, if your home page features photos of labrador puppies, your text might be something like this:

Welcome to the Labrador Puppy Site. We're excited to share photos of our three beautiful Labradors. We'll also tell you what we've learned about house training, how the dogs react to children and how we're preparing the dogs for hunting. As a bonus, we'll share how much the dogs eat (and what dog foods they enjoy).

That paragraph may attract people who are not only interested in Labradors, but also folks who are trying to house train Labradors and still other visitors who are teaching Labradors how to hunt.

Extra Effort
If you feel you have expertise in the subject area that is highlighted on your site, you may want to write a brief 1-page article that contains helpful information about your topic. There are networks that accept article submissions and those networks may distribute your article to owners of other Web sites. Here's how you benefit: you allow free distribution of the information, as long as a link to your site appears at the bottom of the information.


Use the title tag: The title tag of your HTML document should include words that accurately describe the content of your page. The most important words should appear first. As a rule, the best descriptive keywords should occupy the first 60-70 character spaces. You may have landed on this page because your saw my title tag information in a search engine: "Web Site Traffic Tips: Attracting visitors to your site."


Conduct some searches for directories that feature the region in which you live. Operators of such directories are often happy to add a link to your site, as long as you link back to them.


I hope this was helpful. Please come back and visit again soon. I may add more tips in the future.


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