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Free Disney Graphics and Disney Clipart

Here are our reviews of sites offering Disney images on the Web:

Disney Clipart

This site has a very large selection of high-quality Disney graphics. The collection contains many characters from Aladdin to Wall-E. Other characters include Ariel, Hannah Montana, Chicken Little, Tinkerbell and more. The Disney Princesses Clipart seems to be a bit scant, offering only five images at the time of our visit. It is not know whether this site has an official connection to Disney, but many of these images would be helpful if you're looking to make your own gift tags, scrapbook images or other crafts.


This site has many colorful and useful Disney images. Here you'll find Disney desktop themes, Disney coloring pages, Disney "printables," and even Disney holiday clipart. The Disney princesses section has some cute animations and even some cute princess blinkies. Some of these graphics would be useful as scrapbooking embellishments or as patterns for present toppers.

This is a nice site to visit if you're looking specifically for images of characters from the 100 acre woods. Here you'll find Winnie the Pooh graphics, Piglet graphics, Heffalump images, even Woozle images. The "Bouncy Tigger" section contains some cute animations.


This site offers many animated GIFs in styles that are known as blinkies and glitters. These animations have twinkling stars around the Disney characters. They are commonly seen on social media pages in MySpace, Friendster, etc. Uber Comments offers Tink glitters, Jasmine glitters, Cheshire Cat glitters, Minnie Mouse glitters and more.

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Some of the sites listed here have domains with Disney in the names, but it's not know if they have official connections to Disney.

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