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Business Clip Art on the Web

Here are our reviews of sites offering free business clipart on the Web:

Business folders

This site offers a selection of business clipart images that includes file folder clipart, business supplies (pens, paper clips, erasers, etc.), mail (letters, envelopes), chairs, filing cabinets and more.

Office People Clipart

This site has several types of free office clip art images including office people clipart, scissors clipart, stapler images, a couple of calculator clipart images and more.

Kelta Web Concepts

Business Clip Art

This site offers a nice collection of business GIFs that includes desks, tables, a punch clock, an overhead projector and more.

Water Cooler Images

This collection is smaller than some of the others, but you'll find some useful images that are difficult to find on other sites: things like water cooler images and a variety of filing cabinet clipart images.

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